About the LDAP Resource Adaptor

The LDAP resource adaptor lets you connect from a Rhino SLEE to LDAP servers, to search and retrieve directory entries.

Features include:

  • Asynchronous query API — exposes a resource adaptor type that provides an asynchronous API, in an OpenCloud namespace.

  • Graceful connection establishment — provides "graceful" connections to LDAP servers, which must successfully respond to N "poll" query operations (read-only queries on specific DNs), before being used for outgoing client requests ; keeps an LDAP server from being swamped with requests immediately after it (re)starts and begins accepting connections.

  • LDAP searches — lets you use the API to perform LDAP Search operations.

  • LDAP server groups — supports LDAP server groups.


This document includes the following topics:

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Configuring the LDAP Resource Adaptor

configure the resource adaptor using properties

Monitoring resource adaptor statistics

monitor statistics

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