The LDAP RA’s statistics are available under the parameter-set name LDAP-RA.ldap.Queries; so you can monitor them using this command:

$ rhino-stats -m LDAP-RA.ldap.Queries

Statistics parameter set

A list of statistics with descriptions can be displayed with the rhino-stats -l command:

Parameter Set: LDAP-RA.ldap.Queries
Parameter Set Type: ResourceAdaptorID[name=LDAP,vendor=OpenCloud,version=2.2].LDAPStats
Description: Statistics for the LDAP RA

Counter type statistics:
  Id: Name:              Label:       Description:
  0   availableThreads   availThrd    Current number of threads available to perform queries
  1   queries            queries      Number LDAP queries started by the RA
  2   successfulQueries  success      Number of successful LDAP queries
  3   failedQueries      failed       Number of failed LDAP queries
  4   rejectedQueries    reject       Number of search tasks that were rejected because the queue was full
  5   activeConnections  connections  Current number of active connections to the LDAP server
  6   queueSize          qsize        Current number of queued search tasks waiting to be executed
  7   queueTimeouts      timeouts     Number of search tasks that timed out waiting on the queue

Sample type statistics:
  Id: Name:          Label:     Description:
  8   queueWaitTime  qwait      Time spent by search tasks waiting in the queue
  9   connWaitTime   connwait   Time spent obtaining an LDAP connection from the pool
  10  queryTime      querytime  Time spent waiting for the search response
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