JAIN SLEE and the Java Community Process

The Java Community Process (JCP) is the mechanism by which JAIN SLEE became a recognised standard. This iterative process involved regular review of the proposed technology both by members of an expert group and by interested members of the public.

Standards produced by way of the JCP are required to contain the following components:

  • Specification Documents

  • Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK)

  • Reference Implementation (RI)

Specification Documents

The specification documents can be downloaded from the Java Community Process website - see our download page for details.

Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK)

The TCK is a collection of tests that a SLEE implementation must pass in order to be certified JAIN SLEE compliant.

The tests cover a wide range of behaviours from transactional correctness to verifying that API methods throw the specified exceptions when given specific parameters. The tests are designed to test both every day use cases, as well as unusual (but covered by the specification) use cases.

Since JAIN SLEE implementations are required to pass these tests, JAIN SLEE application developers to write and test applications on one JAIN SLEE implementation with full confidence that the application will execute correctly on another JAIN SLEE implementation, without requiring modifications to the application code.

The TCK is built and maintained by OpenCloud. The SLEE TCK user’s guide contains detailed information on configuring and running the TCK. This is contained in the TCK download - see our download page for details.

Reference Implementation (RI)

The JAIN SLEE Reference Implementation is a fully functioning implementation of the JAIN SLEE that can be used to build and deploy services. It was implemented using J2EE technology and may be useful in (conjunction with the JAIN SLEE specification) to JAIN SLEE developers. Services that deploy on the reference implementation will deploy on any other JAIN SLEE compliant implementation.

The JAIN SLEE Reference Implementation was built by OpenCloud. Documentation on installing and running the reference implementation (RI) is included in the reference implementation download.

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