This document details basic procedures for system administrators managing, maintaining, configuring, and deploying OpenCloud’s IM-SSF Module.

IM-SSF provides protocol translation from SIP to ETSI INAP CS1 and CAP v1/v2/v3 with the Service Interaction SLEE (SIS).


  • About the IM-SSF — IM-SSF features; and how it is triggered, looks up subscription information, classifies the call as originating or terminating, and runs the BCSM

  • Configuring the IM-SSF — configuring general properties, subscription information, and user interface

  • IM-SSF Statistics —  parameter sets related to originating and terminating BCSMs, charging and writing call detail records, looking up subscription information, user interaction, and routing to the called party

  • IM-SSF Alarms  — alarm types and descriptions

  • Using the IM-SSF — how to include the IM-SSF in a service composition, support more than one IM-SSF use in a service composition, override the IM-SSF method for classifying originating or terminating access tracing in the IM-SSF, support IM-SSF acting as an assisting SSF for announcements, and use rate limiting with the IM-SSF.

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