The DB Query Resource Adaptor creates several statistic parameter sets that can be monitored using the Rhino Stats tool.

Statistics parameter sets

The root parameter set is named DatabaseQuery.entity-name and has three child parameter sets:

The Query parameter set has general statistics that are not specific to a given datasource. The DataSource and WorkerPool parameter sets each have child parameter sets named for each datasource configured in the profiles, and contain statistics specific to the datasource. The child parameter set uses the value of the Description profile attribute as its name.

A list of statistics with descriptions can be displayed with the rhino-stats -l command:

Query parameter set

Parameter Set: DatabaseQuery.dbquery-0.Query
Parameter Set Type: ResourceAdaptorID[name=Database Query,vendor=OpenCloud,version=1.1].DatabaseQueryStats
Description: Database Query RA statistics

Counter type statistics:
  Id: Name:            Label:         Description:
  0   asyncQueries     asyncQ         Total async queries
  1   asyncTxnQueries  asyncTxnQ      Total transactional async queries
  2   syncQueries      syncQ          Total sync queries
  3   syncTxnQueries   syncTxnQ       Total transactional sync queries
  4   asyncUpdates     asyncU         Total async updates
  5   asyncTxnUpdates  asyncTxnU      Total transactional async updates
  6   syncUpdates      syncU          Total sync updates
  7   syncTxnUpdates   syncTxnU       Total transactional sync updates
  8   failed           fail           Failures
  9   activeSyncTxn    activeSyncTxn  Active sync transactions

Sample type statistics: (none defined)

DataSource parameter set

Parameter Set: DatabaseQuery.dbquery-0.DataSource
Parameter Set Type: ResourceAdaptorID[name=Database Query,vendor=OpenCloud,version=1.1].DataSourceStats
Description: Database Query RA DataSource statistics

Counter type statistics:
  Id: Name:                 Label:       Description:
  0   queueTimeout          qTimeout     Timeout while waiting for worker thread
  1   poolWaitTimeout       pTimeout     Timeout while waiting for pooled connection
  2   databaseTimeout       dbTimeout    Timeout while waiting for database execution
  3   resultTooLate         late         ResultSet received too late
  4   inPool                inPool       Connections in the pool
  5   inUse                 inUse        Connections in use
  6   newConnectionCreated  created      Created
  7   pooledConnectionUsed  used         Used
  8   connectionTimeout     connTimeout  Connection timeout

Sample type statistics:
  Id: Name:                 Label:     Description:
  9   connectionWait        connWait   Time waiting for a connection
  10  queueTime             queueTime  Time waiting in executor queue
  11  databaseTimeQuery     dbTimeQ    Time creating and executing PreparedStatement for query
  12  databaseTimeUpdate    dbTimeU    Time creating and executing PreparedStatement for update
  13  databaseTimeCommit    dbTimeC    Time calling commit
  14  databaseTimeRollback  dbTimeR    Time calling rollback

WorkerPool parameter set

Parameter Set: DatabaseQuery.dbquery-0.WorkerPool
Parameter Set Type: WorkerPoolStats
Description: Database Query RA worker pool statistics

Counter type statistics:
  Id: Name:             Label:      Description:
  0   threadsTotal      totalThrd   Total number of worker threads
  1   threadsAvailable  availThrd   Number of available worker threads
  2   tasksExecuted     tasksTotal  Tasks executed
  3   queueSize         qsize       Number of messages waiting in worker pool's queue
  4   rejects           rejects     Number of messages rejected because queue was full

Sample type statistics:
  Id: Name:           Label:  Description:
  5   processingTime  procT   Time spent in RA processing a message
  6   queueTime       queueT  Time spent on queue waiting for a thread
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