The DB Query Resource Adaptor lets SLEE services send SQL queries to an RDBMS and receive the results as SLEE events or return values.

The resource adaptor:

  • allows both synchronous and asynchronous operations

  • continuously checks connections are valid and fails fast if no connections are available

  • has been tested with Oracle, MySQL, and PostreSQL databases

  • includes scripts and examples for these databases

  • should work with any other JDBC datasource.

JDBC drivers are deployed as JAIN SLEE Libraries. The resource adaptor references the libraries in its deployment descriptor.


Deploying the resource adaptor

How to set up a build environment, deploy the resource adaptor and dependencies

Configuring the resource adaptor

Configuring the resource adaptor using profiles and properties

Managing the resource adaptor

Enable and disable a datasource, enable and disable tracing, monitor statistics

Running the example service

Install and run the example services for the DB Query Resource Adaptor

Other documentation for the DB Query Resource Adaptor can be found on the DB Query Resource Adaptor product page.

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