Class MSBearerCapability.GSM.Content.NonSpeech.Layer1Capability.O6a

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    DataObject, Serializable
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    public static final class MSBearerCapability.GSM.Content.NonSpeech.Layer1Capability.O6a
    extends AbstractLazyEncodedByteArray
    Class O6a represents octets 6a to 6g within a MSBearerCapability.Layer1Capability It represents part of a larger octet string; it is not transmitted on a network by itself.

    The API offered by this class is as if the type were specified in ASN.1 as follows.

     O6a ::= SEQUENCE {
         userRate         UserRate,
         numberOfDataBits NumberOfDataBits,
         negotiation      Negotiation,
         numberOfStopBits NumberOfStopBits,
         o6b              O6b OPTIONAL
    The class takes care of encoding the field values into a byte-array and decoding field values from a byte-array, the encoded representation being as tabulated below.

    Data Encoding -based on 3GPP TS 24.008 v4.17.0 (2007-09) § pp343-361
    Octet 6a*ext. 0/1Number of stop bitsNegotiationNumber of data bitsUser rate
    Octet 6b*ext. 0/1Intermediate rateNIC on TxNIC on RxParity
    Octet 6c*ext. 0/1Connection elementModem type
    Octet 6d*ext. 0/1Other modem typeFixed network user rate
    Octet 6e*ext. 0/1Acceptable channel codingsMaximum number of traffic channels
    Octet 6f*ext. 0/1UIMIWanted air interface user rate
    Octet 6g*ext. 1Acceptable channel codings extendedAsymmetry indicationSpare (00)

    The octet numbering in the above table is that used in the cited standard for the octets encoded here.

    There is a static condition in standard 24.008 that says if octet 6a is present then octet 6b shall also be present, in the GSM encoding. Contradicting that, the standard allows the ext bit in octet 6a to be 1, which would indicate that there is no following octet 6b. As a compromise, this API offers field O6b as an OPTIONAL field, but with this recommendation: you should always provide a value for field O6b.

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