Class AbstractEncodedDataObject<T>

    • Field Detail

      • encoded

        protected volatile T encoded
        Encoded data. If null then the encoded form of the state is not known. (There may or may not be a decoded form of the state, and that may or may not be known.)
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractEncodedDataObject

        protected AbstractEncodedDataObject()
        Constructs a new AbstractEncodedDataObject with uninitialised encoded state.
      • AbstractEncodedDataObject

        protected AbstractEncodedDataObject​(byte[] data,
                                            int start,
                                            int len)
        Constructs a new AbstractEncodedDataObject from part of given network-encoded data. The part starts at index start and is len bytes long. The data is not decoded and might not be decodable.
        data - network-encoded data
        start - starting offset of network-encoded data
        len - length of encoded data in bytes
        NullPointerException - if data is null
        IllegalArgumentException - if len is negative
        ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException - if the part is not within the data