Class BearerCapability.ITU_T.Layer1Capability.Details.UnrestrictedDigital.V110

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    DataObject, Serializable
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    public static final class BearerCapability.ITU_T.Layer1Capability.Details.UnrestrictedDigital.V110
    extends AbstractLazyEncodedNamedInteger<BearerCapability.ITU_T.Layer1Capability.Details.UnrestrictedDigital.V110.EncodedValue>
    Class V110 represents data that is relevant when TransferCapability is UNRESTRICTED_DIGITAL and Layer1Protocol is V110 or I460 or X30. It is also used where the Layer1Protocol is not V120 and octet 5b has been supplied. It represents part of a larger octet string; it is not transmitted on a network by itself.

    The API offered by this class is as if the type were specified in ASN.1 as follows.

     V110 ::= SEQUENCE {
         intermediateRate                  IntermediateRate,
         networkIndependentClockOnTransmit NetworkIndependentClockOnTransmit,
         networkIndependentClockOnReceive  NetworkIndependentClockOnReceive,
         flowControlOnTransmit             FlowControlOnTransmit,
         flowControlOnReceive              FlowControlOnReceive
    The class takes care of encoding the field values into a byte-array and decoding field values from a byte-array, the encoded representation being as tabulated below.

    Data Encoding - based on ITU-T Q.931 (05/98) §4.5.5 p58
    Octet 5b0Intermediate rateNIC on TxNIC on RxFlow control on TxFlow control on RxSpare (0)

    The octet numbering in the above table is that used in the cited standard for the octets encoded here.
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