Class BearerCapability.ITU_T.Layer1Capability.Details.ParityAndModem

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    DataObject, Serializable
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    public static final class BearerCapability.ITU_T.Layer1Capability.Details.ParityAndModem
    extends AbstractLazyEncodedByteArray
    Class ParityAndModem represents stop and data bit counts, parity, duplex mode and modem type within a BearerCapability.ITU_T. It represents part of a larger octet string; it is not transmitted on a network by itself.

    The API offered by this class is as if the type were specified in ASN.1 as follows.

     ParityAndModem ::= SEQUENCE {
         numberOfStopBits NumberOfStopBits,
         numberOfDataBits NumberOfDataBits,
         parity           Parity,
         modem            Modem       OPTIONAL
    The class takes care of encoding the field values into a byte-array and decoding field values from a byte-array, the encoded representation being as tabulated below.

    Data Encoding - based on ITU-T Q.931 (05/98) §4.5.5 p58
    Octet 5cext. 0/1Number of stop bitsNumber of data bitsParity
    Octet 5d*ext. 1Duplex modeModem type

    The octet numbering in the above table is that used in the cited standard for the octets encoded here.
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