This document tells you how to install and administer the OpenCloud CGIN resource adaptor.

Note See the CGIN Statement of Compliance for a list of supported protocols and the CGIN Compatibility Guide for details on compatible platforms and software.


Configuring the Deployment File

Adding variables to

Deploying the CGIN RA

Manually or automatically deploying the RA

Administering the CGIN Resource Adaptor Entity

Setting the CGIN RA’s configuration properties.

CGIN Alarms

An overview of the alarms that CGIN may raise.

Appendix A. Cluster upgrade procedures

Upgrading a cluster using the CGIN Signalware TCAP stack

Appendix B. Migrating to CGIN 2.0.x

Adapting to API and schema changes in CGIN 2.0.x.

Appendix C. Support Requests

Gathering logging for support requests.


This book does not cover stack-specific configuration — for information on OpenCloud’s OCSS7, see the OCSS7 SGC TCAP Stack documentation, or for other stacks, see Using the Mavenir Signalware TCAP Stack, and Using the Simulated TCAP Stack.

Other documentation for CGIN can be found on the CGIN product page.

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