Interface OutgoingSipRequest

  • All Superinterfaces:
    SipMessage, SipRequest

    public interface OutgoingSipRequest
    extends SipRequest
    Represents an outgoing SIP request and it's underlying client transaction.
    • Method Detail

      • getFinalResponse

        IncomingSipResponse getFinalResponse()
        Gets the final response that was received in response to this request.
        Specified by:
        getFinalResponse in interface SipRequest
        the final response, or null if no response has been received yet.
        EasySIP 1.2
      • suppress503Responses

        void suppress503Responses​(boolean suppress)
        Enable or disable suppression of 503 responses to this request. If enabled, 503 responses will be converted to 500 before being delivered to the service. This is to avoid redundant retries towards other SIS nodes by the upstream client. The default is disabled (leave 503 responses unchanged) which may be changed using the Suppress503Responses config property. This method overrides the Suppress503Responses config property.
        suppress - true to suppress 503 responses for this request, false to leave them unchanged.
      • is503SuppressionEnabled

        boolean is503SuppressionEnabled()
        Determine if 503 suppression is been enabled for this request. Will be true if suppress503Responses(true) has been called, or the RA config property Suppress503Responses is true.