Interface IMSHeaderFactory

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    public interface IMSHeaderFactory
    Supports creation of additional SIP headers used in 3GPP-IMS networks.
    • Method Detail

      • createPathHeader

        PathHeader createPathHeader​(javax.sip.address.Address address)
      • createServiceRouteHeader

        ServiceRouteHeader createServiceRouteHeader​(javax.sip.address.Address address)
      • createAssertedIdentityHeader

        AssertedIdentityHeader createAssertedIdentityHeader​(javax.sip.address.Address address)
      • createPreferredIdentityHeader

        PreferredIdentityHeader createPreferredIdentityHeader​(javax.sip.address.Address address)
      • createPrivacyHeader

        PrivacyHeader createPrivacyHeader()
        Create a Privacy header with value "none". No additional values may be added.
        the new Privacy header
      • createPrivacyHeader

        PrivacyHeader createPrivacyHeader​(String value)
        Create a Privacy header with an initial value. Additional values may be added using PrivacyHeader.addPrivacyValue(String).
        value - the type of privacy being requested.
        the new Privacy header
      • createAssociatedURIHeader

        AssociatedURIHeader createAssociatedURIHeader​(javax.sip.address.Address address)
      • createCalledPartyIDHeader

        CalledPartyIDHeader createCalledPartyIDHeader​(javax.sip.address.Address address)
      • createMediaAuthorizationHeader

        MediaAuthorizationHeader createMediaAuthorizationHeader​(String token)
                                                         throws ParseException
        Creates a new P-Media-Authorization header (RFC 3313).
        token - a media-authorization token to be used for resource reservation, a hexadecimal number in string form. The format of the token is defined in RFC 3313 and RFC 2750.
        the new P-Media-Authorization header.
        ParseException - if the token is not a string of hex digits.
      • createServedUserHeader

        ServedUserHeader createServedUserHeader​(javax.sip.address.Address address)