4.1.3 - 2023-11-13

Dependency Updates

  • Update the Build Support dependency to 4.1.5

  • Update the Cassandra CQL RA dependency to 2.1.3

  • Update the Diameter dependency to 4.1.5

  • Update the Rhino dependency to 3.2.6

  • Update the SDK Tools dependency to 4.1.9

  • Update the SLEE Annotations dependency to 3.1.4

  • Update org.apache.ivy:ivy to 2.5.2 (#987040)

  • Update org.yaml:snakeyaml to 2.0 (#740859)

4.1.2 - 2023-07-18


  • Add support for configuring per-node bind addresses for the Sh Cache Microservice RA’s notification server. See http.notificationBindAddreses in Configure the Sh Cache Microservice RA. (#665938)

  • Handle CASWriteUnknownException which may be thrown by newer Cassandra java-driver versions. (#755414)


  • Update Cassandra CQL RA to 2.1.2

  • Update Diameter to 4.1.4

  • Update Rhino to 3.2.3

4.1.1 - 2023-01-20


  • Update Cassandra CQL RA to 2.1.1

  • Update Diameter to 4.1.3

  • Update Rhino to 3.2.2

  • Update com.fasterxml.jackson libraries to 2.14.1. (#421995)

  • Update org.apache.ivy:ivy to 2.5.1 (#425766)

4.1.0 - 2022-10-07

Note Release versions now have three components, not four.
This release uses Rhino 3.2.
  • The Sh-Cache-RA and MMTel Standard Schema have been retired as independent products, components from them that are still in use have been integrated into the Sh-Cache-Microservice. (VOLTE-10139)

  • The Sh Cache Microservice now uses static OIDs for SNMP. For more information see Static OID introduction in the Rhino documentation.

  • All open source libraries used by the microservice have been updated to the latest available version, including:

    • Vert.x to 4.1.6

    • Netty to 4.1.70.Final

  • Add compatibility for new ant-xjc fast serialize plugin. (COM-86)

  • Report exception stack traces in SAS events reporting failures. Prior invocations of getMessage on exceptions weren’t providing insight into the root cause of the exception. (#358944)

  • Expand the Sh-Cache-Microservice API to provide defaults for UDRs and PURs. (VOLTE-9537) - 2022-09-15

  • Ensure the HSS Updater SBB does not read from or write to the cache when NoCache is configured for a data reference. (#206038)


  • Update Diameter to

  • Update Rhino to - 2022-06-27


  • Update Rhino to - 2022-03-04


  • Update Rhino to - 2022-01-26

  • Fix cosmetic issue. Add handling of some missing data reference types to ShAccessKey methods used by SAS and tracing. (VOLTE-10173)


  • Update Rhino to - 2021-09-01

  • Removed SAS and SNMP from the ShCM configurer. Configuration of SAS and SNMP is now performed by initconf. (OPT-4100)


  • Update Rhino to - 2021-05-10


  • Update Cassandra CQL RA to

  • Update Rhino to - 2021-02-18

  • Changed default SAS resource ID from sh-cache-microservice-4.0.0 to rhino-shcm-4.0.0. (OPT-3293)

  • Fixed an issue where the ShCM configurer did not configure the Diameter request timeout. (OPT-3519)


  • Update Rhino to - 2020-12-01


  • Update Cassandra CQL RA to

  • Update Rhino to

  • Update Jxpath Util to 3.0.0 - 2020-10-08

  • This release is built on and requires JDK 11. It requires Rhino 3.0 or later releases.

  • Changed HTTP response code when trying to create a service data entry that already exists in the cache from 500 to 400 (VOLTE-7460). - 2020-06-11

  • Add dependency to the sh-cache-microservice-shared-library to ensure that UEReachabilityRequest POST requests are encoded correctly. The incorrect behavior meant that requests encoded by client RAs were rejected by the Sh Cache Micro Service. (VOLTE-9172)

  • Don’t hang health check API response if HSS returns failure first (VOLTE-9031)


  • Update Rhino to

  • Update Diameter to - 2020-02-25

  • Change service indication profile entry for odb-ims-information to ims-odb-information. (VOLTE-7992)

Dependency Changes

  • Update Cassandra CQL RA to

  • Update Rhino to - 2019-11-21

Dependency Changes

  • Update Rhino to - 2019-10-24

  • Add support to configurer for SAS system type and version. (OPT-1279)

  • Update for TSN and VM process refresh. (OPT-1351)

    • Introduced TSN (TAS Storage Node) and CDS (Config Data Store)

    • Moved ShCM configurer to CDS (Config Data Store)

    • Updated vApp parameters

  • Add IF NOT EXISTS to table and keyspace creation statements. (OPT-1015)


  • Update Rhino to

  • Update Diameter to

  • Update Sh Cache to - 2019-06-14

  • Do not append node ID to SAS messages by default (VOLTE-7320).

  • Fix NPE if evaluating released lock with null valid_until. (VOLTE-7779)


  • Update Rhino to - 2019-05-22

  • Add support for configuring SNMP through the Configurer (VOLTE-7449). - 2019-04-24

  • Fixed a NullPointerException that can occur when logging an error to SAS. (VOLTE-7641)

  • Improved various service statistics (VOLTE-7576):

    • In HSSReaderSBB, deprecated DiameterSuccess (OID and DiameterFailed (OID in favour of the more specific new statistics ReceivedUDA, ReceivedSNA, UDASuccessReceived, UDAFailureReceived, SNASuccessReceived, SNAFailureReceived and SNAFailureReceivedConvertedIntoSuccess (OID -

    • In HSSUpdaterSBB, renamed DiameterSuccess (OID and DiameterFailed (OID to PUASuccessReceived respectively PUAFailureReceived to better describe the statistic.

    • In HSSUpdaterSBB, added a new statistic ReceivedPUA (OID

    • In HSSUpdaterSBB, added a new statistic DeletingFromHSS (OID


  • Update Rhino to

  • Update Diameter to

  • Update Sh Cache to

  • Update HTTP RA to - 2019-04-02

  • Renamed stat SubscriptionCacheUpdateFailed to SubscriptionReadFailed. (VOLTE-7270)

  • Added detection and handling of repository data with no ServiceData element. (VOLTE-7394)

    • Detect empty ServiceData on PUT and delete cache on PUA. Also delete subscription if configured for cache.

    • Detect empty ServiceData on PNR and delete cache and subscription.

    • Detect empty ServiceData on UDA and don’t cache.

  • Fixed an issue with percent-encoded URIs not being decoded before processing. (VOLTE-7485) - 2019-03-05

  • Fixed an issue with the configurer not being able to execute Rhino console commands. (VOLTE-7319)

  • Changed how 5106 errors in SNAs are handled. We now send an 200 OK with an empty document to the client. (VOLTE-7326)

  • Add RA config flag netty.logging.enabled for debugging use. (VOLTE-7341)

  • Fixed an issue with the RA if SAS is enabled while the RA is active. (VOLTE-7353)

  • Add default entry for odb-ims-information to shcm.properties. (VOLTE-7327)


  • Update Rhino to the - 2019-02-22

  • Initial release of Sh Cache Microservice

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