Sh Cache Microservice

The Sh Cache Microservice is a network element that provides a caching layer in front of a Home Subscriber Server (HSS) for certain queries over Sh.

  • Centralise the cache location, so that it is accessible to any number of users

  • Provide Sh access to a wide range of clients, that may not support Diameter but can support HTTP

  • Simplify configuration for the client (no diameter peer/routing tables to configure)

  • Efficent and effective caching of Sh data without the need for sharding subscribers

  • Provide a container/VM image for easy integration into virtualized environments.

  • Centralise connectivity to the HSS so the HSS has a controlled number of Sh peers

Network elements interface with the microservice via an Sh/HTTP API. The microservice provides responses to queries by consulting its internal cache and/or talking to the HSS via Sh.

Sh Cache Microservice in context
Figure 1. Sh Cache Microservice in Context

The top level architecture of the Sh Cache Microservice is present in the following section.

Top Level Architecture

The major elements of the Sh Cache Microservice are shown in the following diagram.

Top level architecture
Figure 2. Top Level Architecture

The Sh Cache Service decodes the request to determine what operation is being performed. This is looked up in the Cassandra database. If not found, use the Diameter Sh RA and perform the appropriate operation against the HSS to find/update the information. When the HSS replies, update the DB accordingly.


Elements in green correspond to existing components and products in the Metaswitch portfolio.

Sh Cache Service

The Sh Cache Service is a Rhino TAS based application that receives and processes Diameter Sh/HTTP requests from external network elements.

Notification Service

The Notification Service processes Diameter Sh requests from the HSS.

Cache (Cassandra)

Apache Cassandra is a distributed, highly available, NoSQL database management system designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers.

For more details see: Apache Cassandra.

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