Configuring ShCM via the Config Data Store

In common with all the other VMs in a Sentinel deployment, ShCM is configured by uploading yaml configuration files to the Config Data Store (CDS). The uploaded config is detected by the initconf process on the ShCM nodes, which pulls down the config and applies it automatically.

The CDS is provided by the TSN cluster, which also provides the Cassandra used by ShCM (and other node types).

The yaml files provided to the CDS describe the whole solution, consisting of nodes of various types, and how they interconnect. Thus the config data can describe the pooled cluster of TSN nodes, which ShCM uses to store its Cassandra data, and another part of the data describes the SAS node, which ShCM can use to log traces to.

Documentation on how to write the YAML configuration files and SDF for ShCM, and how to upload them to CDS along with a Rhino license, can be found on the Bootstrap and initial configuration page in the ShCM Install Guide, linked here.

Differences to previous ShCM deployments

Prior to the Sentinel 3.1 release, ShCM was shipped with its own specific configurer tool, which performed multiple tasks:

  • configure ShCM properties (via a file)

  • configure Diameter (via a DiameterConfiguration.xml file)

  • install the Rhino licence file

  • provide a way to run an arbitrary set of rhino-console commands

With the exception of the last stage, these features are all now provided by the CDS upload process.

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