Sentinel VoLTE is based on Rhino Sentinel, which is not bound to a specific hardware architecture and supports the major virtualization technologies.

VMWare is certified as part of the latest release of the Rhino platform. Rhino applications have been deployed in a virtualised environment in a number of live deployments. A Rhino cluster can also be deployed using a mix of virtualised and non-virtualised instances.

The diagram below shows a cluster of virtualised Sentinel VoLTE (MMTel and SCC-AS) and other applications installed in a non-virtualised mode, all in a single deployment.

cloud and virtualisation
Tip We believe a cloud deployment model is well suited for VoLTE services, as it will help manage costs and service demand through hardware utilisation, increased flexibility, and elastic scalability.

Sentinel VoLTE can be easily scaled in a data centre or a private cloud environment.

The virtualised Sentinel VoLTE enables multiple independent configurations as well as strong isolation between independent services. This can be used to provide a controlled architecture where priority is given to one service over another.

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