Interface SentinelSessionState

    • Field Detail

      • _initialReauthorisationReportingReason

        static final java.lang.Integer _initialReauthorisationReportingReason
      • _initialDiameterServiceContextId

        static final java.lang.String _initialDiameterServiceContextId
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    • Method Detail

      • setSessionInitiated

        void setSessionInitiated​(long SessionInitiated)
        set the Session initiated date and time (ms)
      • getSessionInitiated

        long getSessionInitiated()
        the Session initiated date and time (ms)
      • setSessionEstablished

        void setSessionEstablished​(long SessionEstablished)
        set the Session established date and time (ms)
      • getSessionEstablished

        long getSessionEstablished()
        the Session established date and time (ms)
      • setSessionEnded

        void setSessionEnded​(long SessionEnded)
        Set the Session ended date and time in (ms). Set at a point as close as possible to the arrival of the event notifying Sentinel that the session has ended e.g. disconnect, release call, abort.
      • getSessionEnded

        long getSessionEnded()
        the Session ended date and time in (ms)
      • setOcsSessionTerminationCause

        void setOcsSessionTerminationCause​(java.lang.Integer OcsSessionTerminationCause)
        set the OCS session termination cause
      • getOcsSessionTerminationCause

        java.lang.Integer getOcsSessionTerminationCause()
        the OCS session termination cause
      • getReauthorisationReportingReason

        java.lang.Integer getReauthorisationReportingReason()
      • setReauthorisationReportingReason

        void setReauthorisationReportingReason​(java.lang.Integer ReauthorisationReportingReason)
      • setValidityStart

        void setValidityStart​(long ValidityStart)
        set the start date of subscription validity (ms)
      • getValidityStart

        long getValidityStart()
        the start date of subscription validity (ms)
      • setValidityEnd

        void setValidityEnd​(long ValidityEnd)
        set the end date of subscription validity (ms)
      • getValidityEnd

        long getValidityEnd()
        the end date of subscription validity (ms)
      • setMSISDN

        void setMSISDN​(java.lang.String MSISDN)
      • getMSISDN

        java.lang.String getMSISDN()
      • setLanguage

        void setLanguage​(java.lang.String Language)
      • getLanguage

        java.lang.String getLanguage()
      • setAccount

        void setAccount​(java.lang.String Account)
      • getAccount

        java.lang.String getAccount()
      • setSubscriptionType

        void setSubscriptionType​(java.lang.String SubscriptionType)
      • getSubscriptionType

        java.lang.String getSubscriptionType()
      • setOCSId

        void setOCSId​(java.lang.String OCSId)
      • getOCSId

        java.lang.String getOCSId()
      • setOcsEntityId

        void setOcsEntityId​(java.lang.String OcsEntityId)
      • getOcsEntityId

        java.lang.String getOcsEntityId()
      • setOCSHost

        void setOCSHost​(java.lang.String OCSHost)
      • getOCSHost

        java.lang.String getOCSHost()
      • setOCSRealm

        void setOCSRealm​(java.lang.String OCSRealm)
      • getOCSRealm

        java.lang.String getOCSRealm()
      • setAnnouncementID

        void setAnnouncementID​(java.lang.Integer AnnouncementID)
      • getAnnouncementID

        java.lang.Integer getAnnouncementID()
      • setPlayedAnnouncementIDs

        void setPlayedAnnouncementIDs​(int[] AnnouncementIDs)
      • getPlayedAnnouncementIDs

        int[] getPlayedAnnouncementIDs()
      • getDiameterServiceContextId

        java.lang.String getDiameterServiceContextId()
      • setDiameterServiceContextId

        void setDiameterServiceContextId​(java.lang.String diameterServiceContextId)