Interface SentinelCommonSessionState

    • Field Detail

      • _initialSessionType

        static final SessionType _initialSessionType
    • Method Detail

      • setSubscriber

        void setSubscriber​(java.lang.String Subscriber)
        set the Subscriber for this session
      • getSubscriber

        java.lang.String getSubscriber()
        Get the subscriber associated with the current session. This field will be initialised through an analysis by the respective Sentinel core service. Thus it will be available irrespective of what features have been running before.
        the subscriber
      • setSentinelSelectionKey

        void setSentinelSelectionKey​(com.opencloud.sentinel.common.SentinelSelectionKey SentinelSelectionKey)
        Set the current sentinel selection key associated with this session. Features should first getSentinelSelectionKey() and update the sentinel selection key that is returned.
      • getSentinelSelectionKey

        com.opencloud.sentinel.common.SentinelSelectionKey getSentinelSelectionKey()
        Get the sentinel selection key associated with this session. If a feature updates the sentinel selection key they must then inform sentinel by setSentinelSelectionKey.
        the current sentinel selection key
      • setSessionType

        void setSessionType​(SessionType SessionType)
        Set the session type
      • getSessionType

        SessionType getSessionType()
        Get the type of this session.
        the session type
      • setSessionHasEnded

        void setSessionHasEnded​(boolean SessionHasEnded)
        Record that the session has ended.
      • getSessionHasEnded

        boolean getSessionHasEnded()
        Check if the current session has ended or not.
        true iff the initiating session has ended
      • setProtocol

        void setProtocol​(com.opencloud.sentinel.common.SentinelProtocol protocol)
        Sets the current protocol in use by the service.
      • getProtocol

        com.opencloud.sentinel.common.SentinelProtocol getProtocol()
        Returns the current protocol in use by the service.