This page presents detailed information related to HLR Interaction Suppression mode for the Sentinel IP Short Message Gateway product.


By means of a configuration flag, 'suppressHLRInteraction' in Shared Configuration Profile, the IP-SM-GW may suppress all MAP messaging sent to the HLR. This mode is only available when DeliveryOrder is PS_ONLY.

The following messages are suppressed:
The following features behaviour is modified by the 'suppressHLRInteraction' flag.

In all cases a specific counter is increased to report the suppression.

Message flows

PS Only Delivery

In the routing part of the flow, it is assumed the SMSC will send requests directly to IPSMGW


In the FSM part, ReportSM with Delivery Status will not be sent.



On registration, no AnytimeModification, SendRoutingInfoForSM or ReadyForSM messages are be sent to the HLR registration-flow-nohlr

On deregistration, ATM is suppressed deregistration-flow-nohlr

Short Message Memory Available

SendRoutingInfoForSM and ReadyForSM are suppressed. The Sentinel IP Short Message Gateway will respond with RP_Ack. smma-flow-nohlr

UE Reachability for IP Notification Flows

SendRoutingInfoForSM and ReadyForSM are suppressed. ue-reachability-flow

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Sentinel IP-SM-GW Version 3.0.0