This section explains known issues — what they are and how to work around them.

During an export of Rhino with the Sentinel Authentication Gateway, the order of the Diameter Extension profile tables may be incorrect

What happens

During the Rhino export, the Diameter Extension profile tables may be exported in the wrong order. This leads to an issue where the import will fail due to dependencies between the tables.


Edit the Rhino Export to change the order of the Diameter profile tables. Specifically, the DiameterExtensions-AVP-profile-table must be created before the DiameterExtensions-profile-table.

To fix this, edit the build.xml in the export. Change the create-all-profile-tables target to have the correct order. For example:

<target name="create-all-profile-tables" depends="create-DiameterConfig-profile-table,create-DiameterExtensions-AVP-profile-table,create-DiameterExtensions-profile-table,create-bsf-config-profile-table"/>
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