sentinel 3.1.0
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Abort - Class in com.opencloud.sentinel.common
Abort(DialogProviderAbortEvent) - Constructor for class com.opencloud.sentinel.common.Abort
Abort(DialogUserAbortEvent) - Constructor for class com.opencloud.sentinel.common.Abort
abortFeature() - Method in class com.opencloud.sentinel.feature.impl.BaseFeature
The feature should abandon execution and clear up any resources.
abortFeature() - Method in class com.opencloud.sentinel.feature.sbb.FeatureSbbFacade
The feature should abandon execution and clear up any resources
abortFeature() - Method in interface com.opencloud.sentinel.feature.sbb.FeatureSbbFacade.FeatureSbbInvoker
abortFeature() - Method in class com.opencloud.sentinel.feature.sbb.SentinelFeatureSbbSupportInvoker
abortFeature() - Method in interface com.opencloud.sentinel.feature.spi.SentinelFeature
The feature should abandon execution and clear up any resources
abortFeature() - Method in interface com.opencloud.sentinel.feature.spi.SentinelFeatureSbbLocal
Abort execution
ActivityTestConfiguration - Interface in com.opencloud.sentinel.config
ActivityTestTimerMode - Enum in com.opencloud.sentinel.config
Represents the methods sentinel supports for controlling the activity test timer duration.
add(SessionCounterAddress) - Method in interface com.opencloud.sentinel.charging.sessioncounters.SessionCounters
Add a new SessionCounter to the SessionCounters instance or if a SessionCounter already exists for this address return the current SessionCounter.
add(T) - Method in interface com.opencloud.sentinel.multileg.MessageQueue
Adds an element to the end of the queue.
addAdditionalTrackingKeys(String...) - Method in interface com.opencloud.sentinel.multileg.Leg
Add one or more additional tracking keys to the set of additional keys used to track this leg.
addAllowEventsValues(SipMessage, String...) - Static method in class com.opencloud.sentinel.util.SIPUtil
Make sure SIP message contains Allow-events header with specified values
addFirst(T) - Method in interface com.opencloud.sentinel.multileg.MessageQueue
Add an element to the start of the queue.
addHeaderForLeg(String, String, String) - Method in class com.opencloud.sentinel.multileg.HeadersByLeg
Add a header value to a particular leg, retaining existing values, if any
addMessageContent(SipMessage, MessageBody, boolean, Tracer) - Static method in class com.opencloud.sentinel.util.SIPUtil
Sets content in the body of a SIP message.
APP_SDP_VALUE - Static variable in class com.opencloud.sentinel.util.SIPUtil
SDP Media type value.
APPLICATION_SDP_MIME_TYPE - Static variable in class com.opencloud.sentinel.util.SIPUtil
asSentinelActivityContextInterface(ActivityContextInterface) - Method in class com.opencloud.sentinel.feature.sbb.BaseFeatureSbbImpl
asSentinelActivityContextInterface(ActivityContextInterface) - Method in interface com.opencloud.sentinel.feature.spi.SentinelSipMultiLegFeatureEndpoint
attach(ActivityContextInterface) - Method in interface com.opencloud.sentinel.feature.spi.SentinelSipMultiLegFeatureEndpoint
Attached an aci to the service SBB.
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sentinel 3.1.0

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