Inside the Registrar

The Sentinel Registrar is built using features and mappers on the enhanced Sentinel SIP core.


See Sentinel Overview and Concepts for an introduction to the Sentinel platform.

In particular, refer to Feature Execution Scripts, Features, Mappers.

Sentinel Registrar is part of the Sentinel VoLTE installation. The Registrar defines a session plan for processing REGISTER requests that defines a number of points-in-session where REGISTER requests are processed by registrar features and registrar mappers.

Third Party Registration state is persisted into a Registrar Data Store that is an external system with suitable characteristics to store Third Party Registration information. The default implementation of the Registrar Data Store uses a Cassandra Database.

Sentinel Registrar creates, updates and removes registration related information (such as registered identities, IMS Private Identities, GRUUs, C-MSISDN and so-on) as SIP User Agents Register, Re-Register and De-Register. The Registrar Data Store is consulted during INVITE processing by the Sentinel VoLTE Service.

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