The Charging Manager component is used by features to interact with the charging sub-system provided by Sentinel. Features use the Charging Manager to create one or more charging instances during the session. Each charging instance represents a charging conversation with an Online Charging System (OCS).

charging manager
Figure 1. Charging Manager and Charging Instances
  1. There is one ChargingManager instance for each session.

  2. Each ChargingManager may manage one or more charging instances. For example, the diagram shows that there is both SCUR and IEC based charging involved in the session.


The first release implementation of the ChargingManager supports one charging instance per session. This limitation will be removed in a subsequent release of Sentinel so all possible approaches to charging a session will be supported.

The Charging Manager is currently only available in the Sentinel SIP frontend, but the concept eventually will be extended to the other cores.

See Using the SIP Charging Manager to learn how features access and use the Charging Manager component.

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