About Scenario Packs

Scenario Simulator Scenario Packs add protocol support to the Scenario Simulator.

Scenario Packs are bundled with the Scenario Simulator download package, but can also be downloaded independently — so you won’t have to re-install the Scenario Simulator when you want to update a Scenario Pack.

Each Scenario Pack has it’s own documentation, containing a changelog and information on any included examples, available from the Scenario Simulator documentation homepage.

Downloading and installing a new Scenario Pack

Scenario Packs may be downloaded from the DevPortal Download Space.

A Scenario Pack download consists of a zip archive containing a Scenario Pack jar (or the jar file not zipped) along with example configuration files and scenarios.

The Scenario Pack jar contains one or more protocol schemas along with artifacts required to support those protocols.

To install an updated Scenario Pack, first remove the previous version of the Scenario Pack from the protocols/ directory. Then install the new pack:

  • If your new Scenario Pack is a zip file, unzip it directly into the Scenario Simulator directory.

  • If your new Scenario Pack is a jar file, move it to the protocols/ subdirectory |

The Scenario Simulator and Scenario Editor will detect the new schemas the next time they are started.

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