To transfer an existing Rhino installation from one host to another:


Copy the cluster configuration — issue the following commands on the local host:

$ cd /tmp
$ tar cvf rhino-cluster.tar $RHINO_HOME


Copy the tar file to the target host.


On the target host issue the following commands (in the example, the tarball has been copied to /tmp):

$ cd /tmp
$ tar xvf rhino-cluster.tar $RHINO_HOME


Once the cluster configuration has been transferred to the target host, it is important to edit the config_variables file in the config directory, to reflect the new machine’s local environment:

  • Put the IP addresses of the local machine into the LOCAL_IPS value.

  • Update RHINO_HOME and JAVA_HOME to reflect their respective locations.

  • Update any other variable required to accurately reflect the system environment on the machine.

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