Class SasBundle

  • public class SasBundle
    extends Bundle
    • Field Detail

      • OFFSET

        public static final int OFFSET

        The offset to shift event prefixes by. Event IDs in SAS are 32 bits with the first 8 bits fixed as 0x0F. We split the ID into two segments, the first 16 bits are from prefixes assigned to each mini-bundle, the remaining 8 bits are from the index of the event in the mini-bundle.

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        Constant Field Values
    • Constructor Detail

      • SasBundle

        public SasBundle()
    • Method Detail

      • setInfo

        public void setInfo​(BundleInfo info)
      • addEvents

        public void addEvents​(int prefix,
                              Iterable<EventDescription> events,
                              String packageName,
                              Set<String> enums)

        Add SAS events to the bundle

        prefix - The prefix for this set of events. Each mini-bundle has a prefix that is combined with the event ID.
        events - The events to add to the bundle. These are taken from one mini-bundle.
        packageName - The package name to prefix to enum names from the same mini-bundle.
        enums - Enum names from the same bundle. These will be prefixed with the package name in event messages.