Class EventDescription

    • Constructor Detail

      • EventDescription

        public EventDescription()

        Create an empty SAS event description For use during parsing only. Summary is a mandatory field and must not be null

      • EventDescription

        public EventDescription​(String summary,
                                String details,
                                String user_exp,
                                CallFlow call_flow,
                                int level)
    • Method Detail

      • toStream

        public void toStream​(DataOutput dataOutput)
                      throws IOException
        Specified by:
        toStream in interface com.opencloud.util.FastSerializable
      • getSummary

        public String getSummary()
      • setSummary

        public void setSummary​(String summary)
      • getDetails

        public String getDetails()
      • setDetails

        public void setDetails​(String details)
      • getUser_exp

        public String getUser_exp()
      • setUser_exp

        public void setUser_exp​(String user_exp)
      • getCall_flow

        public CallFlow getCall_flow()
      • setCall_flow

        public void setCall_flow​(CallFlow callflow)
      • getLevel

        public int getLevel()
      • setLevel

        public void setLevel​(int level)
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object