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    public interface Tracer
    extends Tracer

    Rhino extensions to the SLEE-defined Tracer interface.

    Rhino 2.4.0
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      • getParentTracer

        Tracer getParentTracer()

        Get this tracer’s parent tracer. The parent tracer is the tracer with the name returned by Tracer.getParentTracerName(). This method returns null from a root tracer as a root tracer has no parent.

        This method is a non-transactional method.

        the parent tracer, or null if this tracer is a root tracer.
        Rhino 2.4.0
      • getChildTracer

        Tracer getChildTracer​(String name)
                       throws NullPointerException,

        Get a child tracer of this tracer with the specified name.

        Given a tracer t and child tracer name n, this method is functionally equivalent to:

            tracerSupplier.getTracer(t.getName().isEmpty() ? n : t.getName() + "." + n);

        where tracerSupplier is the SLEE object that originally produced the tracer t, such as an SbbContext or ProfileContext.

        This method can be used to create any tracer that is a descendant of t. For example:

            Tracer c = t.getChildTracer("");

        produces a tracer that is a grandchild of t such that c.getParentTracer().getParentTracerName().equals(t.getTracerName()) holds true.

        This method is a non-transactional method.

        name - the name of the child tracer.
        a child tracer for the specified tracer name.
        NullPointerException - if name is null.
        IllegalArgumentException - if name is zero length or would result in an invalid tracer name. Name components within a tracer name must have at least one character. For example, "com.mycompany" is a valid tracer name, whereas "com..mycompany" is not.
        FacilityException - if the Tracer could not be obtained due to a system-level failure.
        Rhino 2.4.0