To uninstall the Rhino SLEE:

  1. Stop the Rhino SLEE.

  2. Remove the database that the Rhino SLEE was using (see below).

  3. Delete the directory into which the Rhino SLEE was installed.

    The Rhino SLEE keeps all of its files in the same directory and does not store data elsewhere on the system except for the state kept in the PostgreSQL database.

  4. To remove the database, run psql -d

    The name of the database is stored in the file node-NNN/config/config_variables as the setting for MANAGEMENT_DATABASE_NAME.

    Do the following, substituting MANAGEMENT_DATABASE_NAME for the value from config_variables:

    $ psql -d template1
    Welcome to psql 8.0.7, the PostgreSQL interactive terminal.
    Type: \copyright for distribution terms
          \h for help with SQL commands
          \? for help with psql commands
          \g or terminate with semicolon to execute query
          \q to quit
    template1=# drop database MANAGEMENT_DATABASE_NAME;
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