Interface Trail

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    public interface Trail

    The primary interface for creating and reporting markers and events. A trail is a sequence of related events and markers representing the processing sequence for a dialog or transaction.

    Rhino 2.6.0
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      • isEnabled

        boolean isEnabled()

        Check if reporting is enabled.

        true if SAS tracing is enabled on the SAS facility this trail was created from
      • event

        EventMessage event​(Enum<? extends SasEventEnum> event)

        Create an event message with given event.

        event - an event defined in an enum that implements SasEventEnum
        the event message, ready to add parameters and send
      • marker

        MarkerMessage marker​(Markers marker)

        Create a marker message with given marker.

        marker - a marker defined in the Markers enum
        the marker message, ready to add parameters and send
      • marker

        MarkerMessage marker​(int markerId)

        Create a marker message with given marker ID.

        This method should not be used unless new Markers have been added to SAS that are not available in the Markers enum.

        markerId - a marker constant known to SAS
        the marker message, ready to add parameters and send
      • steeringId

        UUID steeringId()
      • associate

        void associate​(Trail otherTrail,
                       Scope scope)

        Send a trail association message or correlation marker, depending on whether this trail and the given trail are on the same SAS server or not.

        With a SAS federation, it is possible that a pair of trails may not be reporting to the same SAS server. In this case this method will send a generic correlation marker using a UUID v4 (random) identifier to both SAS servers.

        otherTrail -
        scope -
      • report

        void report​(Markers marker)

        Build and report a marker with no parameters

        marker -
      • report

        void report​(Enum<? extends SasEventEnum> event)

        Build and report an event with no parameters

        event -
      • end

        void end()

        End this trail. Sends an Markers.END_MARKER to denote the end of the user experience. Trails must be ended to be searchable in SAS. It is better to call end() twice than never. Events received within 5s of an end marker being sent are associated with the same trail but trail-trail association can no longer occur.

      • flush

        void flush()

        Write reported events and markers for this trail to permanent storage on the SAS server. Sends an Markers.FLUSH_MARKER to denote a break in control of the dialog. Flushing a trail should be performed at the end of an active control phase where a delay is anticipated before the next dialog event.