Class InvokingTrailAccessor

  • public final class InvokingTrailAccessor
    extends Object

    Provides access to the InvokingTrail. The InvokingTrail is the SAS trail attached to the activity owning the current event, at the time the event is delivered.

    Rhino 2.6.0
    • Method Detail

      • getInvokingTrail

        public static Trail getInvokingTrail()

        Gets the InvokingTrail. Subsequent changes to trail attachment will not be reflected in InvokingTrail for the duration of event processing.

        The trail attached to the activity owning the current event, or the NULL_TRAIL
      • setInvokingTrail

        public static void setInvokingTrail​(Trail trail)

        Provides set access to the InvokingTrail. Normally this should not need to be invoked by service or RA code.

        In some rare cases, where interacting with not yet SAS enabled code it may be necessary to manually set a real trail, as the code creating the activity has not attached a trail.

        trail - to set as the invoking trail
      • remove

        public static void remove()

        Removes the trail object from the current Thread. After the call to remove, the NULL_TRAIL will be returned by subsequent gets This is called internally by Rhino, and should never need to be called by deployed code.