Rhino SAS facility provides resource adaptor and service developers an interface for integrating with the Metaswitch Service Assurance Server (SAS), a call processing information tracing system.

SAS provides an integrated end-to-end view of calls passing through an operator’s network. It combines traces from all network elements with reporting capability into a complete trace of the call that can be examined at multiple levels of detail to determine how the call was processed.

In terms of a Rhino application, the principal SAS facility interface for reporting data to SAS is Trail, which is an object that you can use to send data. In the application, you can define events for capturing call processing data and markers for associating trails. After that, you can add events and markers to trails, and then use trails to send data to SAS. For details about developing Rhino applications with SAS tracing functionality, see the Rhino SAS API Development Guide.

For your application to send data to SAS, you must configure the SAS facility to connect to relevant SAS servers and enable SAS tracing in Rhino. You can perform the configuration and the enablement with Rhino management console commands, which are described in the Service Assurance Server (SAS) Tracing section of the Rhino Administration and Deployment Guide.

For information about using SAS, see relevant SAS documentation.

Note The SAS documentation on the Metaswitch manuals site requires logging in. For more information, contact your Metaswitch representative.
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