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A YAML or JSON text file conforming to the OpenAPI Specification. Defines the operations supported by a REST API, and the parameters and responses for each operation.

Resource Adaptor Type (RA Type)

An RA Type is a SLEE component that defines the interface between the application (SBBs) and a resource adaptor.

An RA Type contains definitions of:

  • the event types that may be fired by the RA;

  • the activity types created by the RA;

  • the resource adaptor interface. This is a Java interface that SBBs use to invoke methods on the RA.

A single resource adaptor may implement one or more RA Types.

The Rhino REST API Framework generates RA Types from OpenAPI documents, as described in Rhino REST API Framework Overview.

Tip Read JAIN SLEE (JSR 240) to learn more about Resource Adaptors and Resource Adaptor Types

Module Pack

A module pack is a template used for creating a buildable Ant module (or set of modules) including default source code and build files. A developer can bootstrap a new module in their project by running sdkadm create-module with the module pack that they want to derive their new module from. The Rhino REST API Framework provides several module packs for creating REST API Modules and RA Modules.

API Module

An Ant/Ivy build module containing a single OpenAPI document, and sub-modules for generating the SLEE and RA components that will implement this API. A module is a directory containing source code, build scripts and dependency information for building an artifact or binary, in our case this is usually one or more Java jar files. These components are published as Ivy artifacts for use by other modules.

New API Modules are created from module packs using SDK tools.

RA Module

An Ant/Ivy build module that depends on the Unified REST RA Core and one or more API Modules. The REST RA Module assembles components from the desired API Modules to produce a single REST RA that supports all of the referenced APIs, and is ready to be used by SLEE applications.

REST RA Modules are created from module packs using SDK tools. Developers may create multiple REST RA Modules, each with different sets of APIs to suit different applications.

RA Plugin

An RA Plugin is a SLEE library, generated by the framework, that provides the implementation of a generated RA Type. The Unified REST RA loads an RA Plugin library for each supported RA Type. The plugin knows how to transform HTTP requests and responses into their corresponding events and operations on the RA Type used by the application. When an API Module is created from the standard module packs, an RA Plugin sub-module is automatically created alongside the RA Type sub-modules.

Unified REST RA Core

A reusable RA component that provides the HTTP transport used by generated APIs. The Unified REST RA Core by itself is not a complete resource adaptor; your RA Module will assemble it with one or more API Modules to create a deployable REST RA supporting those APIs.

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