This page lists several known issues in REM.

Issue: The refresh timer sometimes causes pages to refresh while you’re editing.

Workaround: Disable refresh (through the Refresh menu).

Issue: Serialization errors when shutting down REM.

Explanation: Depending on which screens have been used, some objects stored in the servlet session cannot be persisted to disk when REM shuts down. These sessions will not be restored when REM restarts, but the error is otherwise harmless.

Issue: Inspection filter form values don’t reset when cancel is pressed.

Workaround: Change the filter values back manually, to avoid having them applied next time the list is refreshed.

Issue: Embedded Rhino console fails to load with a JavaScript error terminal.proposeGeometry is not a function.

Explanation: The JavaScript Terminal implementation was upgraded, but your browser may have the old version cached.

Workaround: Clear your browser’s cache and reload the page.

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