This page describes limitations, known issues and workarounds to be aware of that relate to the Rhino Element Manager (REM) upgrade process.

General limitations

  • orca only supports upgrading REM installations deployed on Apache Tomcat, specifically Tomcat version 7 and above. It does not support upgrading REM installations based on any other Java Servlet Container, nor standalone REM, nor embedded REM. It does not support upgrading Tomcat itself, or the Java platform.

  • When upgrading a plugin whose name has been changed between the downlevel version and the uplevel version, orca will see this as the addition of a new plugin. The following plugin renames are handled automatically:

    • volte-sentinel-element-manager-<version>.jar (prior to VoLTE 2.8.0) renamed to sentinel-volte-element-manager-<version>.jar (VoLTE 2.8.0 and later)

In all other cases the person performing the upgrade must manually remove the older version of the renamed plugin in this case. Note that orca will however prompt the user, pointing out that the upgrade bundle does not contain a replacement for the older plugin, which should help draw attention to the fact that the plugin has been renamed.

  • The upgrade proceeds sequentially across all REM hosts when multiple hosts are given, rather than upgrading them in parallel.

  • orca does not support upgrading the older REM 'extensions', which have been superseded by REM plugins.

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