This document lists the software products and platforms that are compatible with the SGC from OCSS7 version 4.0.0.

The SGC may work with other versions of the listed products, but Metaswitch will not support such deployments without an extended support agreement.

Note The SGC TCAP Stack shipped as part of CGIN shares the same software compatibility information as CGIN, which may be found in the CGIN Compatibility Guide.


The general hardware requirements below are for an OCSS7 SGC production system, used for live deployment.

Hardware Minimum Recommended

Type of machine

Current commodity hardware and CPUs

Number of machines
(one cluster node per machine)


2 or more

Number of CPU cores per machine


2 - 16

RAM requirements per machine

1 GB

2+ GB

Network interface

Switched ethernet

Network interface requirements per machine

2 interfaces at 100Mb

2 or more interfaces at 1Gb


The SGC is supported on the following operating systems:

Operating System Vendor Supported Versions Note

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat


Equivalent versions of CentOS are also supported

The operating system’s provided lksctp-tools package and its dependencies must be installed prior to installation of OCSS7.

Java Virtual Machine

SGC production deployments are supported on the following Java 11 JDKs:

  • Oracle Java SE Development Kit 11.

    Warning This requires a license from Oracle. Please read the information on the linked page carefully.
  • OpenJDK 11 built by Red Hat, Inc. and available in the Red Hat and CentOS package repositories.

CGIN Connectivity Pack

Compatible with CGIN 3.0.0.

CGIN 3.0.0 contains the SGC TCAP Stack from this version of OCSS7, and this version of the manual should be consulted when configuring CGIN 3.0.0.


Compatible with SIS 3.0.0.

IN Scenario Pack

Compatible with IN Scenario Pack 3.0.0.

OCSS7 Version 4.0.0