This guide describes how to deploy, manage and maintain OCSS7 - OpenCloud’s SS7 Stack.

This document assumes a working knowledge of SS7 and SIGTRAN, as well as some familiarity with the administration of Linux systems and Java applications.


This document includes the following topics:

About OCSS7

An overview of OCSS7, including features and architecture

Quick Start

A step-by-step setup guide from packages through a test dialog, ignoring production-grade details

Installing the SGC

SGC installation in detail, including production-grade features and tuning

Configuring the OCSS7 SGC

Configuration options for startup and runtime operations

Operational State and Instance Management

Monitoring OCC7’s operational state

Command-Line Management Console

Driving OCCS7 from the command line


Use of OCSS7 with OpenCloud’s CGIN Connectivity Pack

Upgrading the SGC and TCAP stack

Upgrading the SGC and the CGIN TCAP stack

Support Requests

Gathering information for support requests

Other documentation for OCSS7 can be found on the OCSS7 product page.

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