About the HTTP Resource Adaptor

The HTTP Resource Adaptor:

  • provides a generic HTTP interface for SLEE services

  • supports Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), as specified RFC1945 and RFC2616

  • is bidirectional; applications can receive incoming HTTP requests and also initiate outgoing HTTP requests

  • implements a subset of HTTP/1.1 (request methods GET, HEAD, POST, PUT and DELETE)

  • supports incoming and outgoing HTTPS.


This document includes the following topics:

Topic Explains how to…​

Configuring the HTTP Resource Adaptor

configure the resource adaptor using profiles and properties

Events and Activities

use event types, activities, ACI and SBB interfaces

Running the Example HTTP service

install and run the example service included with the HTTP Resource Adaptor


Tip Download an evaluation version of the HTTP Resource Adaptor package.
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