Changes between and

  • Added support for GBA_Digest calculations. (HTTPSCEN-251)

  • Fix MD5-Sess raw-password calculation. (HTTPSCEN-252)

Changes between and

  • Fixed encoding of RES value passed to AKA Digest calculation. (STLGAA-247)

Changes between and

  • Where allowable, add a Content-Length header to outgoing messages when not already specified. (HTTPSCEN-250)

Changes between and

  • Add ability to encode the "auts" Authorization header parameter. (HTTPSCEN-246)

  • Change schema to provide structured view of headers which contain URIs: Content-Base, Content-Location, Location, Referer, link, uri. Existing HTTP scenarios must be updated to the new version '1.0c'. Either: (a) Open the scenarios using the Scenario Editor and save them, or (b) Run ./ -migrate /path/to/your/scenarios/*.scen (HTTPSCEN-249)

  • Add support for AKAv1-MD5 algorithm for HTTP authentication. (HTTPSCEN-247)

Changes between and

  • The schema version has changed from "1.0" to "1.0b" in response to changes made to support HTTP digest authentication. Note: existing HTTP scenarios must be updated using the scenario migration tool:

    $ ./ -migrate /path/to/your/http-scenario.scen
  • Add support for HTTP digest authentication. The currently supported algorithms are MD5 and MD5-sess. (HTTPSCEN-236)

  • Automatically determine the local address for client connections, rather than using the configured local endpoint address. This fixes outgoing connection failures for some configurations. (HTTPSCEN-244)

  • Updated the rhino-integration example scenarios to interwork with http-ra version 2.3.0 (HTTPSCEN-235)

Changes between and

  • Workaround JVM issue which could prevent the HTTP schema from loading. (HTTPSCEN-239)

HTTP Scenario Pack

  • This is the first release of the HTTP scenario pack.

HTTP Scenario Pack Version 1.0.2