Class UserEquipmentInfoType

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Enumerated

    public class UserEquipmentInfoType
    extends Object
    implements Serializable, Enumerated
    Java class to represent the UserEquipmentInfoType enumerated type.

    Documentation from the relevant specification:

    The User-Equipment-Info-Type AVP is of type Enumerated (AVP Code 459) and defines the type of user equipment information contained in the User-Equipment-Info-Value AVP.

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    • Field Detail

      • IMEISV

        public static final UserEquipmentInfoType IMEISV
        The identifier contains the International Mobile Equipment Identifier and Software Version in the international IMEISV format according to 3GPP TS 23.003 [3GPPIMEI].
      • MAC

        public static final UserEquipmentInfoType MAC
        The 48-bit MAC address is formatted as described in [RAD802.1X].
      • EUI64

        public static final UserEquipmentInfoType EUI64
        The 64-bit identifier used to identify hardware instance of the product, as defined in [EUI64].
      • MODIFIED_EUI64

        public static final UserEquipmentInfoType MODIFIED_EUI64
        There are a number of types of terminals that have identifiers other than IMEI, IEEE 802 MACs, or EUI-64. These identifiers can be converted to modified EUI-64 format as described in [IPv6Addr] or by using some other methods referred to in the service-specific documentation.