Class Address

  • public class Address
    extends Object
    Java class to represent the Address AVP type.

    The Address format is derived from the OctetString AVP Base Format. It is a discriminated union, representing, for example a 32-bit (IPv4) [IPV4] or 128-bit (IPv6) [IPV6] address, most significant octet first. The first two octets of the Address AVP represents the AddressType, which contains an Address Family defined in [IANAADFAM]. The AddressType is used to discriminate the content and format of the remaining octets.

    • Constructor Detail

      • Address

        public Address​(AddressType addressType,
                       byte[] address)
    • Method Detail

      • getAddress

        public byte[] getAddress()
      • decode

        public static Address decode​(byte[] encodedAddress)
      • encode

        public byte[] encode()
      • addressTypeFromBytes

        public static AddressType addressTypeFromBytes​(byte b1,
                                                       byte b2)