Class AccountingRecordType

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Enumerated

    public class AccountingRecordType
    extends Object
    implements Serializable, Enumerated
    Java class to represent the AccountingRecordType enumerated type.

    Documentation from the relevant specification:

    The Accounting-Record-Type AVP (AVP Code 480) is of type Enumerated and contains the type of accounting record being sent. The following values are currently defined for the Accounting-Record-Type AVP:

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        public static final AccountingRecordType EVENT_RECORD
        An Accounting Event Record is used to indicate that a one-time event has occurred (meaning that the start and end of the event are simultaneous). This record contains all information relevant to the service, and it is the only record of the service.

        public static final AccountingRecordType START_RECORD
        Accounting Start, Interim, and Stop Records are used to indicate that a service of a measurable length has been given. An Accounting Start Record is used to initiate an accounting session and contains accounting information that is relevant to the initiation of the session.

        public static final AccountingRecordType INTERIM_RECORD
        An Interim Accounting Record contains cumulative accounting information for an existing accounting session. Interim Accounting Records SHOULD be sent every time a re-authentication or re-authorization occurs. Further, additional interim record triggers MAY be defined by application-specific Diameter applications. The selection of whether to use INTERIM_RECORD records is done by the Acct-Interim-Interval AVP.

        public static final AccountingRecordType STOP_RECORD
        An Accounting Stop Record is sent to terminate an accounting session and contains cumulative accounting information relevant to the existing session.