Class AccountingRealtimeRequired

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Enumerated

    public class AccountingRealtimeRequired
    extends Object
    implements Serializable, Enumerated
    Java class to represent the AccountingRealtimeRequired enumerated type.

    Documentation from the relevant specification:

    The Accounting-Realtime-Required AVP (AVP Code 483) is of type Enumerated and is sent from the Diameter home authorization server to the Diameter client or in the Accounting-Answer from the accounting server. The client uses information in this AVP to decide what to do if the sending of accounting records to the accounting server has been temporarily prevented due to, for instance, a network problem.

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        public static final AccountingRealtimeRequired DELIVER_AND_GRANT
        The AVP with Value field set to DELIVER_AND_GRANT means that the service MUST only be granted as long as there is a connection to an accounting server. Note that the set of alternative accounting servers are treated as one server in this sense. Having to move the accounting record stream to a backup server is not a reason to discontinue the service to the user.

        public static final AccountingRealtimeRequired GRANT_AND_STORE
        The AVP with Value field set to GRANT_AND_STORE means that service SHOULD be granted if there is a connection, or as long as records can still be stored as described in Section 9.4. This is the default behavior if the AVP isn't included in the reply from the authorization server.

        public static final AccountingRealtimeRequired GRANT_AND_LOSE
        The AVP with Value field set to GRANT_AND_LOSE means that service SHOULD be granted even if the records cannot be delivered or stored.