This document describes and tells how to deploy, configure, and manage the OpenCloud Diameter Resource Adaptor package.

About the Diameter Resource Adaptors package

The Diameter Resource Adaptors package contains all the OpenCloud resource adaptors that are based on the Diameter protocol. The supported Diameter applications are the IETF standards for Diameter Accounting and Credit Control, as well as the 3GPP Reference Points Ro, Rf, Sh and Gx. The Diameter Base resource adaptor can be used to send and receive arbitrary Diameter messages, allowing custom Diameter applications to be implemented.

The package also includes example services that use the resource adaptors, and simulators to run the examples against.


This document includes the following topics:

About the Diameter Resource Adaptors

  • an overview of the Diameter Resource Adaptors package

  • responsibilities of the resource adaptor and services

  • resource adaptor type API design

  • sending and receiving non-standard AVPs and messages

Deploying the Diameter Resource Adaptors

  • how to deploy the Diameter resource adaptors

Configuring Diameter Resource Adaptors

  • how to configure the resource adaptors using profiles and properties

  • how to configure extension AVPs

Diameter Credit Control Fault Tolerance

  • configuration and behaviour of resource adaptors in fault-tolerant mode

Example Diameter Services

  • how to install and run the example services for each Diameter resource adaptor

Other documentation for the Diameter Resource Adaptors can be found on the Diameter Resource Adaptors product page.

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