Add the following entries to /etc/hosts, substituting appropriate IP addresses for each simulator if they run on a remote server. In this example all simulators are running on the local host.   diameterserver diameterclient


To start Scenario Simulator instances without TLS:

./scenario-simulator.sh -l simulator-diameter-client.log -f diameter-examples/config/setup-client.commands
./scenario-simulator.sh -l simulator-diameter-server.log -f diameter-examples/config/setup-server.commands


To start Scenario Simulator instances with TLS:

./scenario-simulator.sh -l simulator-diameter-client.log -f diameter-examples/config/setup-client-tls.commands
./scenario-simulator.sh -l simulator-diameter-server.log -f diameter-examples/config/setup-server-tls.commands

For simulator TLS configuration, please see the Diameter Resource Adaptors Guide.

For general TLS configuration of Java Virtual Machine, please see the Sun/Oracle JSSE Reference Guide.

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Diameter Scenario Pack Version 3.0.0