Deploying the resource adaptor involves setting up a build environment, DU, and SLEE Library JARs.


The download package includes:

du/ - deployable units
lib/ - compilation dependencies
docs/ - documentation
examples/ - an example service
etc/ - library JAR descriptors and library-ref XML fragments
createradu.macro.xml - a reusable Ant macrodef for assembling an RA DU
build.xml - build files - build properties

Below are instructions for setting up a local build environment, creating a deployable unit, and building JDBC driver SLEE Library JARs.

Setting up a local build environment configuration

The file must be edited to provide values for the properties specific to the local environment. The required properties are marked at the top of the file.

Creating the resource adaptor deployable unit

A deployable unit for the resource adaptor implementation is not included pre-assembled in the distribution. This is because the resource-adaptor-jar.xml descriptor within the component JAR must be updated to reference the appropriate library JARs via <library-ref> elements before the DU can be deployed.

The included build.xml contains targets (oracle, timesten, oracle-timesten, mysql, and postgresql) to build the database-specific deployable units. They use the <createradu> macro to update the resource-adaptor-jar.xml descriptor within the dbquery-ra-x.y.z.jar, and then create dbquery-ra-x.y.z.du.jar.

The create-dbquery-ra macro in build.xml creates a DU using the supplied library-ref fragments.

Building JDBC driver SLEE Library JARs

Supported databases

The resource adaptor should work with any JDBC DataSource that uses standard configuration methods. A SLEE Library JAR must be created for the driver and the resource adaptor’s deployment descriptor updated to reference that library. The package contains Ant build scripts to perform this task.

The resource adaptor has been tested with recent versions of these databases:

  • Oracle (Thin Client Driver)

  • Oracle TimesTen (Client-Server JDBC Driver and a "direct" URL)

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL.

Database JDBC drivers are not distributed with this package. The libraries will be built when the targets mentioned above are run (oracle, timesten, oracle-timesten, mysql, and postgresql). The JDBC driver locations must be specified by the properties at the top of

JDBC drivers that use a native library

Some JDBC drivers (including TimesTen) need to load a native library to function. They will search the path specified by the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable to find this native library. For example, for TimesTen:

$ . <path to TimesTen Client>/bin/
LD_LIBRARY_PATH set to <path to TimesTen library>
$ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=<path to TimesTen library>
$ ./
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