Correlation RA Overview

What is the Correlation RA?

The Correlation RA provides a mechanism to correlate two otherwise independent sessions. The correlation data is replicated across the Rhino cluster. All nodes in the cluster have access to read/write correlation data.

The Correlation RA allocates a correlation ID with the first session, that can then be used to process a second session. The SLEE Service may associate a blob of data with an allocated correlation ID.


Deploying the Correlation RA

refer to the Getting Started guide how to download and deploy the package

Configuring a Correlation RA entity

the section includes configuration properties and examples how the Correlation RA can be setup

Monitoring Correlation RA entity statistics

the Correlation RA provides statistics that may be monitored via the Rhino statistics client.

Correlation RA entity Alarms

the Correlation RA can raise the following alarms if it encounters any issues.

Using the Correlation RA

install and run the example service included with the Correlation RA

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