Enum MAPSM_EnumeratedDeliveryFailureCause

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Comparable<MAPSM_EnumeratedDeliveryFailureCause>

    public enum MAPSM_EnumeratedDeliveryFailureCause
    extends Enum<MAPSM_EnumeratedDeliveryFailureCause>
    API for MAP-ER-DataTypes.SM-EnumeratedDeliveryFailureCause. Generated from the following ASN.1 type definition.
     SM-EnumeratedDeliveryFailureCause ::=
         ENUMERATED {
             equipmentProtocolError(1),    -- Renamed from msProtocolError between ph1 and ph2.
             equipmentNotSM-Equipped(2),   -- Renamed from msNotEquiped between ph1 and ph2.
             sc-Congestion(4),             -- Renamed from scCongestion between ph1 and ph2.
             invalidSME-Address(5),        -- Renamed from invalidSmeAddress between ph1 and ph2.
             subscriberNotSC-Subscriber(6) -- Renamed from msNotScSubscriber between ph1 and ph2.
    Present in ph1 (anonymous before ph2).

    Used as field type by MAPSM_DeliveryFailureCauseWithDiagnostic.

    Used as field type by MAPSM_DeliveryFailureCause.