Class MAPExt_SS_Info

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    DataObject, Serializable

    public class MAPExt_SS_Info
    extends MAPSS_Info
    API for MAP-MS-DataTypes.Ext-SS-Info. Generated from the following ASN.1 type definition and the adaptations below.
     Ext-SS-Info ::=
         CHOICE {
             forwardingInfo  Ext-ForwInfo,
             callBarringInfo Ext-CallBarInfo,
             cug-Info        CUG-Info,
             ss-Data         Ext-SS-Data,
             emlpp-Info      EMLPP-Info
     MAP-MS-DataTypes {
         Ext-SS-Info {
             @parentASN1Type MAP-SS-DataTypes.SS-Info
    Added in R96 as an extension of SS-Info. Note that the parent's field cug-Information is for use only in -v1 contexts.

    Used in array as field type by MAPInsertSubscriberDataArg.

    Used in array as field type by MAPSubscriberData.

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